Why Buy Compatible Ink?

Our Franking Ink Cartridges and Your Warranty

The Royal Mail can refuse to deliver your franked mail or charge a penalty if the franked impression from your franking machine isn’t clearly legible. The red and blue franking ink used in our franking ink cartridges is formulated, tested and fully approved by the Royal Mail in order to ensure the delivery of a high quality, pin-sharp postage impression every time.

Due to misinformation supplied verbally by manufacturers we are regularly asked by potential Customers “does using a compatible franking ink cartridge invalidate my franking machine warranty?”

The answer is simply NO. It is illegal for your Franking machine manufacturers to void your warranty purely due to using a third party franking ink cartridge.

If your franking machine manufacturer, service provider or one of their engineers tells you that using an alternative compatible ink cartridge will invalidate your warranty then they are breaking UK and EU law. They know it and certainly won’t put it in writing if asked.

Your postage meter warranty is protected under the Office of Fair Trading Act of 2002 and further undertakings given in 2005. This act prohibits machine manufacturers from voiding a franking machine warranty due to the use of compatible third party franking inks.

It is very clear using compatible franking ink cartridges WILL NOT affect your service or warranty. You are entitled to source your ink from your supplier of choice.

All our cartridges carry a 2 year 100% performance guarantee and typically have a shelf life of over 12 months. Any product found to be faulty during this time will be replaced free of charge.

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